Sunday Sermon Outlines 

Here you can find the outlines for our Sunday morning Sermons. 

Series: Who's Your One?

"Becoming a Spiritual Parent"
Do you ever wonder if you have what it takes to be a dynamic follower of Christ? The good news is Jesus chose you before you were ever born. He says you are good enough. The question now is: Are you going to take that next step in your faith and influence others for the Kingdom of God?
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Staying On Mission
Every business or organization has a mission statement. That statement should drive every decision within that organization. Did you know that Jesus had a mission statement as well? If we are to fulfill what Christ wants us to do, then we must allow His mission statement to drive our lives.
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The Value of One
Most folks don't realize the value of one. After all, who wants just one cookie? But Jesus knew the intrinsic value of one. And if we want to be His disciples, we must come to that understanding as well.
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The Reality of Hell
Hell is not a pleasant subject. It is normal for most people to avoid it altogether. But did you know every person you will ever meet will spend eternity either celebrating with Jesus in heaven or in agony separated from Him in Hell?
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Living with Purpose
Most people have no idea the potential impact of reaching one person for Jesus could have. Andrew introduced his brother Peter to Jesus and it changed the world.
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